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About me

Uh...I like crazy things like hot pink hair and mismatch clothes, because they really state who the person is and what their personality is like. I hate people who dress formally and "matched" everyday, because that means that they're probably boring and dull, and boring people bore me to death, so I hate being around them. I'm really excitable, lazy, a good swimmer, and I love making videos on the Sims 3 and posting them on YouTube.com.


Middle-class, I guess. I'm sooo lazy. I like, sit around all day and do nothing.


Green Day, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars...I like heavy metal, but like, two rap songs. I hate classical music, that's for sure, because it's so boring and it puts me to sleep.

Movies and TV:

The Simpsons Movie, Avatar...I really like South Park, that's an awesome show...I guess my ultimate favorite show is Important Things With Demitri Martin, he explores some fun things like ability, chairs, attention, etc. Um...Family Guy is good too, but


Swimming, Basketball, Lacrosse. Well, not so much Lacrosse, but I like trying new things, and I'm okay at LAX, but better at basketball and swimming. Love swimming!


Well, I suck at painting that's for sure, and I've played the piano for like, 8 years now. Love it! Um...I guess I could say I'm artistic, and I draw anime and manga, but definately not realistic things...if I even tried, it would be terrible! I hate a


Well, I'm really lazy and I like making things, and I also love riding my bike and SWIMMING! I am like, in love with swimming. So if you're my friend and you have a pool, I'll be over there 24/7...literally.


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